6 Ways To Fuel Your Progress!

Progress brings fulfillment and fulfillment is the ultimate measure of success. Here are six ways to add fuel to your progress.


A friend of mine recently said “all obstacles are not things, they are thoughts”.  He could not have been more accurate. Every thought either advances or hinders your progress, do not underestimate the power of thinking positive thoughts.

And the good news… God’s greatest resource to you is the power to control your own mind and direct it to whatever ends you may wish to attain. Direct every thought to the results you want to see, commit to those results and soon all that you do will be progress towards your success.

2. Write your goals down

Everyone claims they have goals, but what most have are just wishes… you do not have a goal unless it is written down with a definite plan of realizing it.

I am guilty of this, l like to think l can keep my goals in my head.  Before l go shopping l always convince myself that l know exactly what l need and l will remember each item when l reach the supermarket. I set on my way to the supermarket and return with absolutely nothing l went out for, except things l bought on impulse.

Its the same with goals, you can convince yourself that you have a great memory but unless you write your goals down, you will end up buying what you didn’t set out to buy and never reach your goal.

The truth is, thinking is powerful but thinking alone is not enough.  Write your goals down and have a definite plan on how and when you will realize them.

3. Visualize success, Imagine it

The best way to use your navigator is to enter your intended destination before you set off.  Your navigator will create a route from your destination to where you are. (Did you know that it starts from the end to start?)

Unless you are specific about your destination, you will only get so far. The more specific you are, the faster you will get there.

I learned something today l wanna share with you, it’s really profound.
Your imagination is the only place where faith,hope and your success meet to agree. Use your imagination and soon your actions will all be working towards the agreed destination.

4. Have an Inner Circle

Two are better than one.  l cannot tell you enough what the power of having great people around you can do. You are the average of 5 of your best friends!  This is almost too simple to believe, so it’s also why people don’t care about the company they keep.

I’m not just talking about your friends, who in your company is committed to your success as much as you are? My mentor once said that the people in your life carry two buckets around you.. one with water and another with gasoline.  They will either pour  water on the fire in you or pour gasoline and add fuel to the fire inside of you.

You want to be around people who pour gasoline. Those who celebrate your success and inspire you to be all of who you can be, not all of who they want you to be.

Join forces with like-minded people.   You will then have a flow of constant positive energy that fuels your progress.

5. Reflect and record your success

Do you recall a certain memory that almost fills you with the same emotion you felt when you made the memory to start with?

My favorite memories excite me!  When I think of them, they always put a smile on my face…one of them is my first time on a plane.  Maybe it was not a big deal for you, but l remember how l grinned, viewing a sea of white clouds in space. Aww the feeling of amazement l had!!!

On the other hand, have you ever wondered why the past is mostly painful?  It’s simple really. We tend to focus on the bad memories and they generate painful emotions in us.

Good memories have the power to generate positive emotion, almost equal to the same you experienced when you originally made the memory.  This emotion can be used as energy toward a future you want to realize.

Learn to reflect on your success and use it as evidence of what you can do and the energy to do it.

6. Revisit The Why Always

Success alone is not enough.  There are many successful people who self distruct. Learn to revise the why of your success.  Your why is what translates to fulfillment when you are successful. And fulfillment is the true measure of success.

Remember: If fulfillment is all about you, it is short-lived. The true measure of fulfillment comes from your impact on others.

I think the greatest measure of success is when you care more about the success of others than your individual success.

Success is like medicine to pain; at first you need it to alleviate the pain, then you need it to eliminate the pain, then you need it to do the same for others. Guess what happens when you take more medicine than your body needs?  It has the potential to harm you, just as success can potentially harm your personality.

Why do you want to be successful?
How is it about others?

Revist Your Why Always!!!

Now use these 6 ways and watch how you fuel your drive to success.


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