SELF IMAGE: What You Didn’t Know!

Did you know that how you perceive yourself will eventually become how others perceive you? Who you see yourself as is who you present to the world. Your self-image.

Self image is the idea, conception, or mental image one has of oneself. The self-awareness of your abilities, appearance, and personality.

Surprisingly, your self-image can be different to how others see you. This can be because they only relate to the part of you that they know or they see. Don’t be consumed with what others think of you, be concerned with what you think of yourself. Because…

What you think of yourself eventually becomes what you believe about yourself, and what you believe about yourself has the power to limit you or propel you into  greatness.

Here are 5 Tips about self-image.

1. Self image acts as a lid to who you become, the more you are aware of who you truly are the more you become.

Have you ever been in a conversation and you found yourself saying… “Arghhh l don’t think l can do that”? Well, me too. But what we really are saying is…”l don’t think l am the person who can do that”. What you think of yourself allows you to become or limits you.

2. You may succeed if no body else believes in you but you can’t succeed if you do not believe in your self.

Your life is driven by what you believe about yourself. The underlying catalyst of how you make your decisions is what you believe. When you believe that life can’t get better for you, you do things that don’t better you, But when you believe in yourself you find the fuel to become.

3. How you see yourself determines how you see others.

Have you ever been around someone and you felt uncomfortable not because they are a bad person but because of the level you perceive them to be? Honestly we’ve all been there. But this right here is a sign of a low self-image.

I am not saying that if you are in the presence of great people you don’t feel the honor and respect for them, but if it makes you uncomfortable, then something is not right with your self-image. Here is why… None of those people is greater than God, if you are comfortable before God, you should be comfortable before men.

4. We don’t get out of life what we want, we get out of life who we see ourselves as.

Our dreams are what we want, but we can never go after our dreams if we don’t believe that we can achieve them. The more aware of ourselves we are the more we dream of becoming, basically the size of your dreams is determined by your self-image.

We never go after our dreams if we see ourselves as undeserving and unable  to attain them. In fact, I like to say…  “It’s not the dreams that we achieve, its when we finally become aware that we are.”

5. How you see yourself determines your future.

Growing up, people would always ask us who we wanted to become. Initially I thought I was going to become a doctor, (now l am far from it). The more l listened to my inner self, the more l found out who l really wanted to become

Then l committed myself and chose paths that lead me to becoming that person. How I saw myself has determined the person I am today, how you see yourself today will determine the person you are in the future.

Let me end on this note, you cannot walk towards greatness until you have seen greatness in yourself. Raising your self image will raise you ability to become.

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