How To Be Better At Leading Yourself

Hey there,

If you are reading this now, you are at least doing the simplest form of leadership which is self leadership.

In my post today, l want to help you become better at leading yourself by sharing with you a simple concept called following.

You are practically right now leading yourself by following your intuition that you might learn something new in this post.

To follow is to come after….      After a dream, a leader, or a vision

Therefore if you want to lead yourself well, you must have a standard that you are willing to follow. This standard can be in form of a dream, vision or a leader. Even when you are following a leader, you are not just following the person but their leadership standards, dream or vision.

The irrefutable truth about every great leader is that they are great followers. Because ..

When you stop following, you stop leading.

Taking an example of Jesus (Whether you believe in him or not, at least you know about  him) He is the greatest leader of all times, not because he set himself above everyone else but because, he followed his mission up to the very end without error. And he did all this for others, not himself.

What will make you better at leading yourself is setting standards/values and following them. When you stop following the standards you have set or acquired then you stop leading yourself.

So How Does Following Make Me Better At Leading Myself?

When you commit to come after and realize the standards you have set, it moves you from where you are to where you want to be. In the same way, when you commit to following leadership, this should move you from point A to point B.

How To Become Better At Following

#1. Know:  Know what you are following, whether it’s a standard, dream or vision, know it.

#2. Engage: Think about it and yield to it. Basically believe it and come after it.

#3. Champion: After knowing, engaging and yielding (disciplined to follow) to the standard or leadership. Then champion it.

Doing this not only makes you a great follower, but sets you up as a great leader.

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You can read more about the concept of following here

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